Monday, April 9, 2012

Pre Easter Goodness

Okay so I haven't blogged in forever... I know! But last week I was inspired to start blogging again. :) Instead of going backward, I'm just going to jump in like I never left. Sound good?

This weekend was wonderful! George was off the whole weekend and the girls were out of school Friday too. Friday, was what I call a R&R day - we were preparing for a busy weekend; George had just worked 4 days straight and Chasity and Trinity needed some free play time. I even got the night off from the kitchen because George decided he wanted to go out for Mexican food. Yummy!

Saturday Miss Chasity had a softball game in The Colony. She scored 2 runs, and we are so proud! She was even more excited that Aunt Kim got to come watch her since she was in for the weekend from College Station. After the game we went to Pappadeaux for lunch. George teased me with some fresh oysters.

After we came back from lunch the girls decided that it was time to dye some Easter eggs! I had bought a carton of 18 eggs, but sadly 2 of them didn't quite make it to the dyeing process. Oh well. Here are some pictures of them dyeing eggs.

This is Chasity with her purple and yellow eggs.

Jazzy Trinity with her eggs!

We hope you had a great weekend too. I'll post more on Easter later!