Thursday, April 9, 2015

The DC, Vaccines and Truth

Recently, I was invited to a Vaccination Information event hosted by a local birthing center. At first, I was excited. Our county has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state of Texas and there is so much mis-information out there I was glad that there was going to be a talk to educate parents on vaccines. I wanted to make sure that the information was being given by a credible source. The speaker was listed as Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. I looked up Dr. Haggerton and he and his wife Cindy run a chiropractic care and essential oils office in Hurst. Additionally, I found his blog through his twitter page, and then found a specific blog on vaccinations.

I was shocked by the information I was reading. I attempted to post to the event the scientific evidence that refutes his claims, but that was deleted. I attempted to educate Jim Bob Haggerton himself, but that was deleted as well. Here I am going to go line by line to show the scientific evidence that disprove the scare tactics that this presenter was trying to use.

For reference the original blog post is here:

His first point is that there is "Mercury aka Thimerisol" in vaccinations. He says
"Suffice to say it is one of the most dangerous neurotoxins in our world today.  Symptoms and side effects of mercury toxicity include: brain damage, loss of vision, peripheral neuropathies, muscle weakness, speech impairment, coordination loss, mood alteration, memory loss, emotional instability, depression, suicidal tendencies, kidney disease, and anemia to name a few."
He also says that he isn't going to go into the molecular structure of mercury because much smarter people need to explain that. This is precisiesly the issue with his argument against "mercury"; understanding the molecular structure is critical. The difference between ethyl mercury and methyl mercury is very important. Ethyl Mercury is a metabolite of thimerisol, the kind found in some flu vaccines. It does not accumulate in the body. Methyl Mercury, the kind found in deep sea fish, has environmental concerns and does bio-accumulate in the body and cause all those scary things listed above. 
You can find the science behind this here and here

The second ingredient he lists is aluminum. He states that it crosses the blood-brain barrier and leads to things like alzheimers and breast cancer, and that the amount babies receive by 18 months is very high. 
I'll first address the high amount of aluminum. These statements completely leave out that aluminum is naturally occuring in many of the things babies are already exposed to; namely water and infant formula. Haggerton asserts
"Toxic levels of aluminum have been demonstrated at 11-14 mcg in children. (this is for a 6 pound baby). "
While the FDA says:
 "For example, the amount of aluminum in the hepatitis B vaccine given at birth is 0.25 mg."
Research supporting this can be found here
Next, it has been falsly reported that high amounts of aluminum were found in the brains of those diagnosed with alzheimers. Reasearch has shown that the amount of aluminum found in those with alzheimers is no more than others. You can find that here
He also assert that aluminum causes breast cancer. I had heard this before and happened upon this blog: Where she says:
"In breast cancer, the upper outer quadrant of the breast is more likely to be the site where tumours first appear than anywhere else. Since this quadrant is closest to the lymphatic drainage from the armpit, people have leapt to the conclusion that aluminium from application of antiperspirants is the culprit.
But the incidence of tumours is directly related to the amount of breast tissue, and that quadrant happens to have the most breast tissue."
There are two current studies regarding aluminum and breast cancer and each of those found no link. You can find that research here and here.

The last harmful ingredient he lists is human fetal cell tissue. This subject has been hottly debated among the pro-life community. The quick answer to that, that it is inherntly false and misleading. 
Here is a great source from a nuclear chemist, PhD, who is also a Christian. 
"anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death! This is why blood from a donor to a recipient must be carefully matched before the recipient can receive it. Thus, there is no human tissue of any kind in vaccines. "

You can find the science behind this here.

I've gone through each of the three "harmful" ingredients that Jim Bob Haggerton listed in his blog. Above I have proven each one of his claims to be false. When you hear people yelling about doing your own research, please do. The important part about doing your own research, is making sure that this reasearch is done by credible sources and contain truthful information. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Guest Post from Trinity

Trinity wanted to share some life lessons she has learned on our blog today. 

Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you mean nothing to some who means everything to you. Messing up is part of life  but, forgiving someone is part of friendship.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Too fast! 9 month update

Well, this little princess has been "out" as long as she was "in"! 

Current Stats
Weight: 16 lbs 6oz

We cut our first 2 teeth at the same time on the bottom. I say we, because as any mom can attest teething is a joint venture. 
Reagan is crawling so fast. If you blink you'll miss her. 
She pulls up to stand and has even let go a few times. 
Self feeding is one of her newest accomplishments. She especially likes bananas and puffs. 

Fun things: 
Reagan celebrated her first Halloween by helping Mommy and Big Brother Trey pas out candy to our neighbors. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fix Number Six

Hi y'all! I requested that this fix have some dressier pieces in it because my closet was struggling with outfits to wear to meetings and church. My stylist, Emily, delivered quite well. All of the pieces go well together in the same palate so I could wear them together or with other pieces already in my closet.

Drop Earrings $28.00 - Keep

Very chic and not over stated and compliment everything. I'm hoping these won't be too much of an attraction for Reagan.

Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top $58.00 - Keep

Love this for fall. Its very flowy so I can wear it in early Texas fall (aka still blazing hot), but still layer it when it gets chilly out.

Marlena Abstract Print Tab Sleeve Blouse $48.00 - Keep

I really like the color on this blouse and I think it goes well with my skin tone. I like the pop of pink so that I can coordinate with some of Reagan's dresses.

Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean - $88.00 - send back

I really wanted these to work, but they are just too big. This is not StitchFix's fault, but I've been so diligent about getting to the gym that I'm toning up more. But I'm going to look around to see if I can find something similar elsewhere.

Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress $78.00 - Keep

Love love love this dress. First, who doesn't love a shift dress? So classic. Secondly, the color block on this dress was spot on. I like that it is trendy, but not over the top that I won't be able to wear it after the trend has passed.

Finally, thank y'all for using my referral link for Fixes of your own. Because of y'all I got a fantastic discount on this fix. If you HAVENT signed up for a box? Why not? Here... use my link and sign up!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trey is Two

Where does the time go? It seems like just the other day we were celebrating his first birthday, and now he's TWO! 

his sisters - all 3 of them. First thing in the morning he says "where cake-an?". He likes calling out for "Chaaas-y" and calls Trinity "baby", probably because she calls Trey "my baby". 
Swimming! He sticks his head all the way underwater. Loves splashing around too! 
Shoes: especially his squeaky shoes! I love them because I know where he is. 

Bath time. This is new for us since he used to LOVE the bath. I remember Chasity went through this phase too about this age. 

Fav foods:
Bananas "nene", applesauce pouches "souch", and cheese! We recently had to put a lock on the pantry after he learned how to open it and help himself. This resulted in quite a few messes including dumping a whole bag of lucky charms to better access the marshmallows. 

Least fav foods:
Carrots! Nonna got him to eat a few teriyaki glazed carrots when she came to stay, but this occurrence hasn't repeated itself. 

Favorite toy:
Stethoscope by far. We have 3 at this point. 1 upstairs. 1 downstairs and 1 in the car. He loves them and likes to listen to your heart and for you to listen to his. 

Newest phrases: come here, come on, be nice, not nice, open, pleeeease moooommmmyyyy, hold chew, and AMEN! 

Favorite songs: Happy by pharell, Twinkle Twinkle, and Rancho Grande (mariachi band song)

Sizes: mostly 12 months still. I've started buying him some 18months clothes though. 

Trey lights up our world. I said it last year and I'll say it again, he can turn any frown upside down. He is very polite, says thank you for even the smallest thing and loves giving hugs and "one more" kisses. 

Happy Birthday Trey, we love you! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mambo Number 5: Stitch Fix

My only reservation on this was I thought the tie was slightly unflattering on me. But can easily be bubbled under, or hopefully all this time at the gym will pay off and I'll like it more.


This one is so cute. Amazing COLOR! I don't have anything this color in my wardrobe and I was surprised how good it looked on me. When I first pulled it out of the box, I was thinking it was going to be too short on me, but it turned out to be a really good length. The chevron pattern was trendy, but not too over the top.

This dress was my favorite out of the fix. The top of the dress was a little big on me, but that's nothing I can't manage. I loved the length. Since I'm petite so many dresses that are "short" are actually closer to tea length on me. I really liked the floral print. I can see pairing this with leggings and a a cardigan in the fall too.


Simple cream cardigan. Love it, it will be perfect for fall in Texas and very light weight.


This is a cute little nautical stripped dress. It is very much my typical style. I liked the way the skirt wrapped and was high/low. The color works well in my wardrobe.

My stylist did an awesome job! The price is getting back down to where I would like it to be. This fix was right on course for my typical style with a bit of flair mixed in.

$180.0 for the box including my stylist fee, and my buy all discount.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Make Up Routine

I joined Lifetime Fitness late last month and I have loved every minute of it. One if the best parts about it for me are the 2 hours of free child care per day. I go in, workout for an hour or so and then shower and get dressed and ready for the day all by myself. It's awesome! 

I still have a simple make up routine. While it may be child free, I'm still on a time schedule. 

About a year ago I discovered this fabulous product. Loreal Miracle Blur It helps my foundation go on so much smoother and last longer than foundation alone. 
I'm not married to any beauty products. I change it up as the wind blows. Sometimes I head into Ulta and say "what's new" and go from there. My latest find is this Stilla All Day Foundation and Concealer.
It's awesome because in the cap is concealer and comes with a foundation brush. 
After foundation I brush on a translucent powder to keep everything in place and, if need, be I brush on a little blush, but often times my cheeks are so rosy they don't need it. 

So the last product I have to tell you about is my favorite. I've been using it for a bit over 2 years. It instantly brightens my eyes and adds a little shimmer. Sometimes I wear it alone and other tines I'll use it as an eye shadow primer. I really like that it's in a tube with a sponge applicator - less mess, faster application. 

After those major things it's eyeliner(occasionally), mascara and lipgloss. 

What's your make up routine?