Monday, August 4, 2014

Trey is Two

Where does the time go? It seems like just the other day we were celebrating his first birthday, and now he's TWO! 

his sisters - all 3 of them. First thing in the morning he says "where cake-an?". He likes calling out for "Chaaas-y" and calls Trinity "baby", probably because she calls Trey "my baby". 
Swimming! He sticks his head all the way underwater. Loves splashing around too! 
Shoes: especially his squeaky shoes! I love them because I know where he is. 

Bath time. This is new for us since he used to LOVE the bath. I remember Chasity went through this phase too about this age. 

Fav foods:
Bananas "nene", applesauce pouches "souch", and cheese! We recently had to put a lock on the pantry after he learned how to open it and help himself. This resulted in quite a few messes including dumping a whole bag of lucky charms to better access the marshmallows. 

Least fav foods:
Carrots! Nonna got him to eat a few teriyaki glazed carrots when she came to stay, but this occurrence hasn't repeated itself. 

Favorite toy:
Stethoscope by far. We have 3 at this point. 1 upstairs. 1 downstairs and 1 in the car. He loves them and likes to listen to your heart and for you to listen to his. 

Newest phrases: come here, come on, be nice, not nice, open, pleeeease moooommmmyyyy, hold chew, and AMEN! 

Favorite songs: Happy by pharell, Twinkle Twinkle, and Rancho Grande (mariachi band song)

Sizes: mostly 12 months still. I've started buying him some 18months clothes though. 

Trey lights up our world. I said it last year and I'll say it again, he can turn any frown upside down. He is very polite, says thank you for even the smallest thing and loves giving hugs and "one more" kisses. 

Happy Birthday Trey, we love you! 

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