Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mambo Number 5: Stitch Fix

My only reservation on this was I thought the tie was slightly unflattering on me. But can easily be bubbled under, or hopefully all this time at the gym will pay off and I'll like it more.


This one is so cute. Amazing COLOR! I don't have anything this color in my wardrobe and I was surprised how good it looked on me. When I first pulled it out of the box, I was thinking it was going to be too short on me, but it turned out to be a really good length. The chevron pattern was trendy, but not too over the top.

This dress was my favorite out of the fix. The top of the dress was a little big on me, but that's nothing I can't manage. I loved the length. Since I'm petite so many dresses that are "short" are actually closer to tea length on me. I really liked the floral print. I can see pairing this with leggings and a a cardigan in the fall too.


Simple cream cardigan. Love it, it will be perfect for fall in Texas and very light weight.


This is a cute little nautical stripped dress. It is very much my typical style. I liked the way the skirt wrapped and was high/low. The color works well in my wardrobe.

My stylist did an awesome job! The price is getting back down to where I would like it to be. This fix was right on course for my typical style with a bit of flair mixed in.

$180.0 for the box including my stylist fee, and my buy all discount.

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